New solutions for existing challenges in healthcare

Technological Innovation in Medicine, abbreviated as TIM, is a collaboration between young professionals from the technical and medical sector. Two completely different worlds that, when they come together, can lead to creative and innovative solutions to existing problems in healthcare. We see the problem, act as a 'think tank' and create a solution in one.

Our projects

OSAsense screeningstool

OSAsense is a primary care sleep apnea screening tool. With OSAsense, patients with sleep apnea can be diagnosed earlier and the percentage of false referrals to specialized sleep centers is greatly reduced. In addition to health benefits, this also achieves a significant cost reduction.

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BondUS lab-on-a-chip

Over the past decade, the development of (microfluidic) lab-on-a-chip applications has grown enormously. Its production is highly specialized and requires the fusing of two contact surfaces to form a functional chip with integrated microchannels. Existing techniques for producing these lab-on-a-chips have relevant limitations, which currently severely limits large-scale and cost-efficient production of the chips. BondUS focuses on the development and production of an innovative device with which the contact surfaces of the chips can be fused quickly, cheaply and with high precision.

Extra 'sense organ' for the blind

More than 300,000 people in the Netherlands have a visual impairment. Worldwide there are 285 million visually impaired. Resources currently available to the target group have serious shortcomings or are associated with high costs. This limits the ability for blind and partially sighted people to move around independently. SixthSense aims to develop an accessible and affordable tool in which obstacle detection, navigation and orientation are combined in one device. Feedback is provided through vibrations, arranged in a unique configuration on the body. This provides the user with near-real-time additional information about his/her environment.

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Hello. We are TIM.

Once started as a hobby by two TIMmers working in the care sector, it arose out of frustration with numerous inefficient, time- and money-consuming problems that continued to exist because 'it is just the way it is'. We think differently: this must and can be done differently. TIM proves it and with results!

Our method

Our 8-person dynamic team consists of medical specialists, general practitioners, (electrical) engineers, and technical physicians. Healthcare professionals see the problem. This is discussed within TIM, after which we look for a solution. This solution will eventually grow into a healthy separate 'company'. The aim of this is to allow TIM to be 'TIM' and do what we are good at. Find solutions.

Our mission

With TIM, we want to promote the implementation of technology in healthcare by bringing several disciplines together in one company. Translation of the latest technologies into concrete applications always requires intensive cooperation between the two worlds. Out-of-the-box solutions, quality of care and patient safety are paramount.

Our aim

TIM wants healthcare to be just that little bit more streamlined and, if possible, also cheaper and 'easier'. In addition, we want the patient to feel the benefits of this, which translates into, for example, shorter waiting times, the prevention of nonsensical research and a less empty wallet. We do this by making small adjustments to the procedures (protocols) or by using smart technology.

Education and research

TIM also supervises students from various professional backgrounds and levels in the form of internships. In addition, we try to provide the projects  with as much scientific underpinning as possible, which results in publications. If you are interested as a college/university/individual, please feel free to contact us.

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TIM Consultancy

In the years of its existence, TIM has gained a lot of experience in setting up (medical) start-ups, writing (financial) applications and devising solutions in the med-tech sector. You can contact TIM consultancy for advice on devising solutions in medical institutions or setting up med-tech companies. Contact us for more information regarding the possibilities and costs.

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